June 2021

Instrument index

Instrument index is a document containing list of instrument devices within a process or plant. The instrument index will include the tag number of all physical objects (e.g. field instrument, visual alarm and indicator) and counterfeit tools commonly referred to as “soft markers” (e.g. DCS indicator, alarm, controller). The instrument index will be built at the …

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What is Contactor ?

To start and close the three-phase AC import motor, any three-stroke replacement at the appropriate current level will suffice. Just turning off such a switch to send three-phase power to the car will cause it to start, while turning on a three-stroke switch will reduce the power of the car to turn it off. If …

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Smart Transmitter vs Standard Transmitter

This document analyzes the differences between a standard transmitter and a smart transmitter that absorbs pressure, a different pressure transmitter, and an estimated temperature. Standard transmitter Conventional transmitters that offer 4-20 mA signal output in a two-wire connection, corresponding to 0-100% of the rated frequency range, have limited adjustment for various compression ranges. Performance varies …

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What is a SMART Transmitter?

The SMART transmitter represents a Single Modular Auto-based Remote Transducer. It is a smart transmitter with analog effect and simultaneously provides digital communication signal in accordance with the HART protocol or FOUNDATION FIELDBUS or PROFIBUS. Typically, a simplified drawing of a smart transfer is shown in the image below. Contains sensor or input circuits, microprocessor, …

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Telegram Video

Telegram Group Video Calling

Text messaging services are becoming increasingly useful in these times, when users prefer to connect with their loved ones through these platforms rather than offline, due to the epidemic. As a result, Telegram, Signal and WhatsApp, the top three messaging platforms have gained the most users since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic and Telegram …

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Samsung New 5G Chipsets

On its ‘Samsung Networks: Redefined’ virtual event, Samsung launched new chipsets that will be a part of the company’s next-generation 5G solutions portfolio. Samsung announced three new chipsets which are compliant with the 3GPP Release 16. The three new chipsets announced are – a) 3rd generation mmWave RFIC, b) 2nd generation 5G Modem SoC, and …

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5G is the 5th generation of wireless technology series that started with 1G in 1979 1G enabled wireless phone calls 2G enabled messaging 3G made internet use in phones possible 4G brought with it HD video calling, fast internet and many more features All these wireless technologies use electromagnetic waves to transfer information/data and the …

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Differential Pressure Flow Measuring Principle

Flow measurement based on the differential pressure principle (Orifice-Nozzle-Venturi). Some 300 years ago, Swiss mathematician and physicist Daniel Bernoulli discovered the direct relationship between the pressure and speed of a fluid flowing in a pipe. Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi also performed experiments on flow and, in 1797, he built the first flowmeter for closed …

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