February 2022

Sony Lytia a new camera technology

Sony Lytia: New camera technology for smartphones. Sony Group Corporation has registered a significant trademark in Europe. The name ‘Lytia’ seems to reflect the new camera technology in smartphones. Sony likes to choose its own method and, where possible, uses multi-stage technology to enrich its products. The Xperia smartphones are equipped with camera technology that …

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Meta band Smartwatch

Meta band smartwatch has a detachable display with camera to be able to make video calls with friends and acquaintances anytime and anywhere. This is a conceptual design leak on www.letsgodigital.org m and its a Yanko Design from the so-called ‘Meta Band’. Although patents have been used as a basis. In leak images one of …

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iPhone SE 3 leak

Budget iPhones (intentionally) are a rare commodity over the years. So far, Apple has only released a total of two iPhone SE models, with launch dates being few and far between. The last one was released in 2020, or two years ago. For a while now, we have been aware of the new, third-generation iPhone …

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China 6G technology new record

China has begun work on the next level of wireless connectivity, 6G, according to a report by the South China Morning Post. The report states that researchers in the country distributed 1 terabyte of data over 3300 m/s, a record-breaking record set Wednesday by a team led by Professor Zhang Chao of Tsinghua University Aviation …

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How To Measure Current

In an electrical and electronic circuit, current measurement is an essential parameter that needs to be measure. An instrument can measure the electric current called an ammeter. To measure current ammeter must connect in series with the circuit whose current is to be measured. The measurement of current through the resistor by using an ammeter …

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Conventional Current vs Electron Flow

Now we understand conventional current flow and electron flow. The particles that carry the electric charge through the conductors are either moving or free electrons. The direction of the electric field within the circuit, by definition, the rule that good test charges are pushed. Thus, these negative charge particles, i.e., electrons, flow opposite the electric …

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AC vs DC current

Based on the flow of charge, the electric current is classified into two types, i.e. alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) AC Current The flow of electric charge in a periodically reverse direction is known as alternating current (AC). AC is also referred to as “AC Current”. Although this is technically saying the same …

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What is Electric Current?

Electric Current An electric current is defined as a stream of charged particles such as electrons or ions that run through an electric conductor or space. Flow charge rate using a conducting medium with respect to time. Electricity is expressed mathematically (eg in formulas) using the symbol “I” or “i”. The current unit says ampere …

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