Apple has been gradually developing its AppleCare + service plan over the past few years, and now offers customers more opportunities to sign up for the program.

For many years, AppleCare + had to be purchased near your new Apple device to ensure that your product was in good condition. Since AppleCare + offers significant discounts for things like screenshots, Apple wanted to make sure you didn’t try to buy AppleCare + after you had already damaged your iPhone for a cheap fix.

Although you may have purchased it up to 60 days later, you will need to install your device in the Apple Store for testing or call Apple Support and allow them to use a remote diagnosis to make sure everything was working properly. order.

Fortunately, Apple simplified the process a few years ago, allowing you to purchase AppleCare + directly on specific devices, such as the iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Most likely, the internal testing of iOS provided Apple with sufficient information, in this case, to determine if the device was in good condition.

However, the limit lasted for 60 days until mid-2020, when Apple increased its eligibility for after-purchase AppleCare +, allowing you to opt out of any Apple device for up to one year after purchase. However, after 60 days, things get even worse, as you will need to bring your device to the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) for a professional check to make sure it is not damaged. .

Naturally, damaged devices are not eligible for AppleCare +, at least until you pay regular non-AppleCare + rates to repair the damage. After all, the risk of injury included in AppleCare + is an insurance scheme; you cannot purchase car insurance after being in a car accident, either.

Although Apple Store has always been happy to sell you AppleCare + after repairing your broken iPhone or Mac, it was usually possible to do so soon after the repair. So if you have previously repaired your iPhone and decided later that you should probably download AppleCare +, you will be out of luck.

This was even more true for Apple Authorized Service Providers, who could sell you AppleCare + after the initial upgrade. Whether you will be able to do so using Apple Support has been hacked or missed.

According to Apple’s internal memorandum obtained by MacRumors, Apple clarifies and expands this policy, informing service providers that officially upgraded iPhones and Macs are still eligible for AppleCare +, as long as all other conditions are met.

Your device must have been purchased less than a year ago, and you will still need to submit it for physical examination and testing before purchasing AppleCare +. However, you will not be automatically deducted from your previous payment – as long as it is done in the Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP).

To be clear, you will still need to pay the full amount for any repairs you made before purchasing AppleCare + – unchanged. However, Apple clearly sees that it is easy for someone to see the benefits of AppleCare + in such a situation. As long as the iPhone or Mac is properly configured, there is no reason it should not be eligible for additional coverage.

Yes, there is also the issue of not damaging your device a second time. However, proponents of Murphy’s Law may suggest that the opposite is true if you decide to give up your second chance to get AppleCare +.

On the other hand, the clock on your AppleCare + cover starts the day you buy it. This means that you will receive an additional two years of iPhone installation, with up to two cases of accidental injury covered during any 12-month period.


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