Calculate mA from PV, LRV and URV.

The formula for calculating equivalent current (ma) from known process variable (PV), Lower range value (LRV) and Upper range value (URV).

The formula is:
4-20mA Current to PV Calculation



PV          =  Process Variable
LRV       =  Low Range Value
URV      = Upper Range Value
mA        = milli ampere

Consider left side of formula for Process variable, LRV of transmitter lower range, Span is the difference between LRV & URV of transmitter ranges.

Consider right side of formula for current (ma), LRV of standard current range .i.e is 4ma,

Span is the difference between LRV (4ma) & URV (20ma) of standard current range

.i.e. 20 – 4 = 16, Using this formula we can calculate mA from pv and as well as pv from mA.


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