Smart Transmitter vs Standard Transmitter

This document analyzes the differences between a standard transmitter and a smart transmitter that absorbs pressure, a different pressure transmitter, and an estimated temperature. Standard transmitter Conventional transmitters that offer 4-20 mA signal output in a two-wire connection, corresponding to 0-100% of the rated frequency range, have limited adjustment for various compression ranges. Performance varies …

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What is HART protocol?

4-20mA Current-loop technology has been used for analog sensors for the past 4 decades to transmit important process data to the control system, whether that system is a DCS(distributed control system) a PLC (programmable logic controller),or a single-loop controller. Current-loop data transmission is simple and cost effective. Only a small amount of current(4 to 20 …

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What is automation pyramid?

What exactly is the automation pyramid? It is a pictorial example of the different levels of automation in a factory or industry. It also serves as a visual example of how technology is being integrated into industry. So let’s take a closer look and try to break the pyramid down. Beginning on the bottom of …

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What is relay system?

According to Merriam-Webster, a relay is, “an electromagnetic device for remote or automatic control that is actuated by variation in conditions of an electric circuit and that operates in turn other devices (such as switches) in the same or a different circuit.” In a common relay system, you would push a button to energize a …

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What is process automation?

What exactly does automation mean? Automation is the use of largely automatic equipment in a system of manufacturing or other production process. This typically includes the use of PLCs, sensors, robots, and motors among many other things depending on the automated process. Almost any process can become automated. It can save time and money to …

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What is analog automation?

In the analog automation, and the ingredients to be processed and mixed to create the final product. As in the case of the discrete automation and product manufacturing is not permitted within a single process. Take ice cream, for example. The company can mix, heavy cream, half egg yolks, sugar, and salt in a kitchen …

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What is discrete automation?

We are going to discuss discrete automation. Discrete automation doesn’t necessarily mean that everything that happens within the process is done with only discrete signals. Discrete automation is more a term that is used for the process in which you can measure the finished component. Items that can be easily quantified could fit in the …

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What is Profibus?

Today Profibus-DP is one of the most commonly used networks in industrial automation. Profibus stands for “Process Field Bus” and “DP” stands for “Decentralized Peripherals”. In this article we’re going to learn all about Profibus-DP and what exactly it decentralizes. Imagine that we have a bunch of sensors and actuators in the field area that …

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Types of sensors?

Sensors are the figurative eyes and ears of a control system. In general, if you want to control it, you must sense it. Because the controls engineer is often called onto specify sensors and deal with sensing problems, sooner or later we all get more than enough familiarity with them. In this article, we are …

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fever, fever thermometer, temperature-3063126.jpg

What is a Temperature Sensor?

In your daily life and different branches of industries, there are many cases in which it’s required to know the temperature of the environment, inside a reactor, winding of an electrical machine and so on. Man has invented different technologies to do this. But why different technologies? This is because of different applications which make …

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