Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect transistor

The metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) is developed by combining field-effect concept areas with MOS technology. Conventional planar MOSFET is limited to high power management. For high-powered applications, MOSFET is divided into two-dimensional VMOS or VMOS known as Power MOSFET. What is Power MOSFET? Power MOSFET is a three terminal (Gate, Drain and Source), four layers …

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What is smart sensor?

In this article we’re going to introduce you to a very powerful group of devices called Smart Sensors. The Smart Sensor plays a very important role in the Smart Factory of Industry 4.0 which is considered as the fourth revolution of the manufacturing industry. The “First Revolution” brought us steam and water-powered mechanization. The “Second …

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What is load cell?

A lot of people have the morning routine of stepping on a scale to check their weight. What most people don’t know is that they are using a very simple “load cell” to find out their weight. Old scales used to use weights to try and level out the two sides of the scale; now …

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What is Vibration sensor?

For optimum performance of the machines, it is necessary to continuously monitor the parameters like speed, temperature, pressure, and vibration. Monitoring changes in any parameter could solve any downtime and/or machine damage which results in financial loss. Among these parameters one of the best operating parameter to judge dynamic conditions is vibration. In this article, …

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What is Pressure Sensor? Types of Pressure Sensors?

To understand pressure sensors, first, you need to understand pressure. Pressure is an expression of force exerted on a surface per unit area. We commonly measure the pressure of liquids, air, and other gases, amongst other things. The standard unit for pressure is the “Pascal”. This is equivalent to one “Newton per meter squared”. A …

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What is a Level Sensor? Types of level sensors?

Level Sensors are classified into 2 different types Point level measurement and Continuous level measuring. Point level measurement indicates when a product is present at a certain point and continuous level measuring indicates the continuous level of a product as it rises and falls. The sensors for point level indication are “Capacitance”, “Optical”, “Conductivity”,“ Vibrating” …

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Types of sensors?

Sensors are the figurative eyes and ears of a control system. In general, if you want to control it, you must sense it. Because the controls engineer is often called onto specify sensors and deal with sensing problems, sooner or later we all get more than enough familiarity with them. In this article, we are …

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What is a Temperature Sensor?

In your daily life and different branches of industries, there are many cases in which it’s required to know the temperature of the environment, inside a reactor, winding of an electrical machine and so on. Man has invented different technologies to do this. But why different technologies? This is because of different applications which make …

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