Now we understand conventional current flow and electron flow.

The particles that carry the electric charge through the conductors are either moving or free electrons. The direction of the electric field within the circuit, by definition, the rule that good test charges are pushed. Thus, these negative charge particles, i.e., electrons, flow opposite the electric field.

According to electron theory, when a voltage or potential difference is applied to the entire conductor, the charged particles flow into a circuit, which creates electrical energy.

These chargeable particles flow from high power to low power, that is, from the positive terminal to the negative battery terminal through an external circuit.

However, in a metal conductor, positively charged particles are stored in a fixed location, and poorly charged particles, i.e., electrons, are free to move. In semiconductors, the flow of charged particles can be positive or negative.

The flow of good charging carriers and negative charging carriers on the other hand has the same effect on the electrical circuit. As the current flows due to good or bad costs, or both, a meeting is needed to get an independent current guide to the types of network companies.

The direction of conventional current is considered the direction in which positive charge carriers flow, i.e., from higher potential to lower potential. Therefore, Negative charge carriers, i.e., electrons flow in the opposite direction of conventional current flow, i.e., from lower potential to higher potential. Hence, the conventional current and electron flow go in opposite directions which is shown in the image below.

direction of coventional current and electron flow
Direction of Conventional Current and Electron Flow
  • Conventional Current: The flow of positive charge carriers from a positive terminal to a negative terminal of the battery is known as conventional current.
  • Electron Flow: The flow of electrons is termed electron current. The flow of negative charge carriers – i.e., electrons – from a negative terminal to a positive terminal of the battery is known as electron flow. Electron flow is the opposite of conventional current flow.

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