Google confirms which Wear OS smartwatches will get upgraded to Wear OS 3

In a blog post, Google has confirmed which existing Wear OS smartwatches will be upgraded to Wear OS 3, the result of Google and Samsung’s non-sacred union.

Google has revealed that only a very short list of devices will be upgraded to a new version of OS. These include:

  1. TicWatch Pro 3 GPS and LTE
  2. TicWatch E3
  3. Future TicWatch Clocks
  4. New watches from the Fossil team
    Google warns that changes introduced in Wear OS 3 will also require users to upgrade and reset their smartwatch.

Google says those advanced Wear OS users should not worry too much as they are committed to posting new app experiences, such as the latest Gboard and Google Play updates, and keeping security updates for at least two years from the device launch.

Google says it also knows that some users prefer to keep the current Wear OS UI, so they allow users to choose whether they want to update or not. Those who choose not to review will still benefit from the extended Google support for Wear OS 2.

Google will provide more details before the update and expects its partners to be able to issue a system update from the middle of the second half of 2022.

via AndroidAuthority

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