Meta band smartwatch has a detachable display with camera to be able to make video calls with friends and acquaintances anytime and anywhere.

Meta smartwatch

This is a conceptual design leak on m and its a Yanko Design from the so-called ‘Meta Band’. Although patents have been used as a basis.

In leak images one of those unique features is the removable display. The screen of this smart Facebook watch can be cut off in-house – which allows you to be more flexible in using it. A second camera is placed behind the screen. Because you can use the screen separately, you are completely free to choose the texture you want.

The screen can be used as a viewer. This allows users to easily take a photo of themselves or take a photo of the location, and share it directly via social media such as Facebook and Instagram. Most likely, a dual recording feature will also be added, to take a photo or video recording with both cameras at the same time – it is good if you are shooting experience.

Meta will no doubt focus on making integration with social media networks as easy as possible. Lastly, this is the best way to ensure that users will use their removable smartwatch camera faster than their smartphone.

The image quality of smartphone cameras has increased dramatically in recent years. To make this smart social media watch a success, Meta will need to integrate the same camera as it can be found on modern phones.

The company name change is in line with the new Metaverse training concept – which gives you visual access to meeting people, attending events and more. The smart watch should be part of the new Metaverse, just as a VR headset seems to work. In the coming months, we will no doubt hear more about the Meta smartwatch in development.

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