Google’s first smart watch is expected in the first half of 2022. Pixel Watch gets a seamless circular display with a crown.

When you hear the word ‘Google’, they immediately think of a search engine. However, in recent years, the company has shown that it can also produce better consumer electronics products. Consider, for example, Google Pixel phones and Pixel Buds earbuds. For a long time, it was expected that this year the Google Pixel Fold would appear, as the product’s first folding smartphone. It is clear now that we must endure this.

However, the American manufacturer will soon introduce another new type of product. Pixel Watch will be Google’s first smart watch. In recent weeks and months, much has been said and done about this spectacular watch – Google will be competing against the iconic Apple Watch 7 and the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Google’s first smart watch design has remained a secret for a long time. Meanwhile, promotional material has appeared on the Internet, where Google Pixel Watch can be clearly seen. Based on these images, Ian Zelbo has created a series of expected 3D wear products.

Google Pixel Watch gets a great look. A nice round screen display has been selected – which makes the watch look completely borderless. You would think it was a touch display. In addition, there is a crown on the right side to work.

In the pictures, the wristwatch is shown with a silver case and a silicone belt. Of course, a variety of watch cords will be available, which you can undoubtedly purchase as an option. Think of a silicone sports belt, a stylish leather belt and / or a sturdy metal harness.

You would think that Pixel Watch works on google Wear OS. It is thought to be Wear OS 3 – the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic also work. In addition, it is clear that more technology from Fitbit will be installed. Finally, an American company that manufactures work trackers was acquired by Google earlier this year.

So it is possible that the Pixel clock will have improved durability features and many eye-catching functions in your life. Think of a heart rate monitor, a step counter and a calorie counter.

Google’s smart watch is expected to be officially announced in the first quarter of 2022. At the moment, it is unclear how much the Pixel Watch will cost and in which countries the smart watch will be available.

Officially, you can’t buy Pixel smartphones in the Netherlands. Chances are, we will have to move to Germany to get the Pixel Watch. Or you can wait until the clock strikes our country with a gray import. In any case, it is good news that the first smart watch of Google is really coming.

Recently, many smartphone manufacturers have decided to enter the clothing market. Now there are Xiaomi Mi Watch, Oppo Watch and OnePlus Watch. Huawei has been making smartwatches for years. Soon, the Huawei D watch is set to become the first smart watch in the world to come under the influence of blood pressure. Then there is Lenovo, which announced the Motorola Moto Watch 100 less expensive last month.

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