OnePlus has started teasing its next smartphone, the OnePlus Nord is a 2-by means of social media, and the promise of a big announcement this summer, and confirmed to be an important property for this, that was for the best budget 5G phone, 2021.

The OnePlus Nord 2 5G will be powered by a MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI chipset, which means that the OnePlus one is the introduction of a smart phone available on the market for the first time, without using a Qualcomm processor.

OnePlus has been working closely with MediaTek to extend the capabilities of the standard Dimensity 1200 AI product. The resulting chip set provides a variety of new AI-based features in the Nord-2, and aims to improve the daily experience of the user.

One of the best features is that the camera seems to have a three-camera setup. OnePlus Nord-2 5G contains the AI Photo Enhancement, which can recognize up to 22 different scenes and automatically adjusts the colour and contrast can be adjusted.

AI video enhancement features are also part of the package. These are, among others, live for HDR effects, as well as the automatic adjustment of the shades, the colors, the lighting, and much, much more-during the live recording.

Dimensity 1200 and AI capabilities, possible improvements to the AI-driven view, including those of AI Color-Boost technology is a feature, which is automatically converted to a standard dynamic range to high dynamic range.

With the increase of the AI, the resolution has a different characteristic. As the name suggests, it has increased the resolution of high-definition videos to popular social media apps. Finally, a Smart Ambient Display makes the use of AI to control the brightness of the OnePlus Nord 2, display, depending on the surrounding lighting conditions.

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