What is P&ID

Today you will learn all about P&D drawings. You may be thinking, “What is a P&D diagram in the world? In the industry, these are the drawings of piercing and the use of metal. P & ID for short.

Most production facilities have suppressed air, smoke, cold water, and other processes that require the use of a pipe. All of these types of power and processes require self-regulating equipment that is usually in the form of valves and scales, as well as pumps and accumulators.

A P&D diagram will contain all of this so that the maintenance person, operator, engineer, or other employee can learn and do their job. At first glance, a P&D drawing may look very scary. There can be several processes in one P&D.

What I like to do is categorize it to make it easier to understand. For example, let’s look at the pneumatic P& ID system. First, you must start with the air compressor, which will find the appropriate signal in the Legend of all the signals used. After that you will follow the line representing the pipe in the next item.

In most cases it will be a type of musical instrument, such as a pressure switch or a readable air pressure indicator, or a valve that allows air to pass to the next object or prevents air from passing through.
There are so many types of valves, be sure to compare the symbols in your P&D with the myth. The P&D will then show a leak that leads to the next thing which in the case of our pneumatic system is an accumulator. A connector is simply a tank or a device for storing air or liquid. Most P&D drawings will have an arrow marked with some of the other equipment in the facility or even just in the Process. This will indicate that if you need to keep track of the system continuously, you will need drawings for that particular tool.

I hope you now feel like you are following the P&D diagram. Just remember to break the overall sketch into smaller, more straightforward sections, and simply follow the process that requires more information on it. Always refer to the Legend to make sure you know that the signs are pointing to the drawing.

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