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We usually cover Windows or MacOS, but when it comes to Smartphones – we do! Gustave Monce from YouTube was able to install Windows 11 on the Nokia Lumia 950 XL which is 6 year old device and usually runs on Windows 10 Mobile. Below is the his YouTube video.

Obviously, this is a traditional version of Windows 11 ARM, and as shown in the video, it works well on this old Windows phone, powered by Snapdragon 810. The experience … isn’t great.

Of course, this test should be for fun. We do not expect or imagine that anyone is trying to integrate a mouse and keyboard into a Lumia 950 XL and call it a computer.

The great thing about Windows 11 is that it will support Android apps. Currently, this feature is not available, but it is said to be coming soon. It will work in the Amazon app store, which will allow you to download applications such as TikTok to your Windows 11 device. Microsoft’s move to bring mobile apps to Windows is not uncommon. It comes almost a year after Apple introduced M1-powered MacBooks, which can work with mobile apps.

Windows Phone was introduced in Barcelona during the MWC 2010. Most mobile phone manufacturers were originally on board, such as Samsung and Nokia. The first one saw that Android was very powerful and stuck to it, while Nokia … did not have it.

Nokia has had a good relationship with Microsoft because of Stephen Elop, who became the head of Microsoft’s Business Unit and resigned as CEO of Nokia. Elop later returned to Microsoft as the Executive Vice President of the Microsoft Devices Group.

From then on the two companies just had to get along. Ideas and ideas began to be collected, and Nokia made some of the best camera phones on the market. However, this was not enough to get the momentum of Apple and Android, built on many years of experience.

Microsoft finally purchased a Nokia 7.2 Billion mobile phone in 2014 in an effort to salvage Windows Phone from shareholders, who were out of business. This did not help keep Windows Windows alive, and Microsoft pulled the plug on this entertainment effort on a modern phone in late 2017.

Nokia continues to partner with HMD, which continues … better, while Windows eventually reverts to the smartphone business with the “folding phone,” which looks like what would happen if you connected the two phones together. The Surface Duo had large bezels, a thin camera, and an unpolished UI.



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