Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi regularly introduces interesting phone models. Think, for example, of the innovative Mi Mix series, which also includes the Mi Mix Fold foldable smartphone. The high-end Mi 11 series has also attracted a lot of interest from European consumers. In addition, Xiaomi shows a special concept phone at the late – such as the Mi Mix Alpha. Such concepts demonstrate the extent to which the company is developing new technologies.


Earlier this year, a Xiaomi quad-curved concept phone was demonstrated with an 88° rounded screen and without ports and physical buttons. Xiaomi has been granted a patent for that device and a similar model.

The concept smartphone shown by Xiaomi can be seen in the image below (Model A). In addition, Xiaomi has applied for a patent for an extra advanced model, whereby the screen also goes all the way through in the four corners (Model B). We will go into more detail about this model.


The entire front of this Xiaomi smartphone consists of screen surface. This is a so-called waterfall display, with strongly rounded corners. No edges or notches are visible – even in front of the camera. The rounded screen extends to a large part of the side of the device. This will allow the display surface on the side to be used to display general information, such as battery status, network information, etc.Side touch functionality may also be added.

The front camera will be placed under the screen. Xiaomi is one of the manufacturers that has been developing this new camera technology for quite some time. The company has now arrived at version 3.0.Xiaomi is expected to introduce its first smartphone with under display camera later this year. Also expected in the coming month, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 will most likely feature an under panel camera – as the world’s first foldable smartphone with a selfie camera under the screen.

Source: Xiaomi concept smartphone met quad-curved watervalscherm | LetsGoDigital

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