Sony Lytia: New camera technology for smartphones.

Sony Group Corporation has registered a significant trademark in Europe. The name ‘Lytia’ seems to reflect the new camera technology in smartphones.

Sony likes to choose its own method and, where possible, uses multi-stage technology to enrich its products. The Xperia smartphones are equipped with camera technology that can also be found on Sony Alpha system cameras. Why this broad introduction you may be wondering. That is related to the trademark app that Sony has introduced in Europe.

On July 30, 2021, Sony Group Corporation branded the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) with the name Lytia. The request was submitted by arbitrator Müller Fottner Steinecke Rechtsanwälte who applied for Sony’s previous trademark, including CinemaWide – the name Sony uses for its distinctive 21: 9 smartphone display. The trademark ‘Lytia’ is classified as Class 9 with the following definition: Semi-conductors; cell phones; smartphones; personal digital assistants.

The description is short but powerful, yet we still have marks for many questions about this app. What is Sony Lytia, does the Japanese manufacturer intend to upgrade its chip for smartphones? In 2015, there were a few rumors that Sony was working with its Xperia smartphones processor. However, this did not happen.

However, semiconductors include not only processors, but also, for example, image sensors. So at least it is possible that this branding app has something to do with the camera sensors produced by the company. Sony is a market leader in the field of imaging. Sony photo sensors are used by many phone manufacturers.

The new operating system seems to indicate that Sony has developed a new camera system. Lytia does not seem to be the sensor of the new image, as they are all sold under the name IMX, followed by three figures. It may be a new technology that can be used for image sensors. Just as the company uses ‘Preius’ and ‘SenSWIR’ technology with its CMOS image sensors. The fact that the brand has been applied by Sony Group Corporation seems to indicate that Lytia is becoming a trademark of this new, anonymous technology.

Sony Group Corporation has been the new name of what Sony Corporation has been since April 2021. The company decided to do so after merging some of its components (Sony Electronics Corporation, Sony Imaging Products & Solutions, Sony Home Entertainment & Sound Products and Sony Mobile Communications) from Sony Corporation.

This token application may be related to a partnership announced last year between Sony and Microsoft. The two companies are working together to discover new solutions for AI-enabled camera technology and video analysis.

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